Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 We traveled to North Carolina this past weekend to walk with our friends in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation annual walk to raise money for children with Type 1 diabetes. Keith & Andrea's son Glen was diagnosed at 3 years of age with juvenile diabetes. This little boy is so sweet and has been through and continues to go through so much at such a young age. Keith and Andrea are amazing and really work together to make sure he is taken care of and is able to enjoy just being a kid.

Here are a few photographs from our visit. Sending them love and prayers for a cure in the near future.

Love & Light,


Grace is Glen's big sister and Andrea (Glen's mom) designed the logo and t-shirts.

The crowd was huge and the team to support Glen came ready to walk.

Glen's dad, sister (left of the stroller) and little brother in the stroller.

I like this photo above because at the moment both of our boys were being PAIN IN THE BUTTS and Brian just breaks out into a big smile.

Glen brings smiles wherever he goes.

Keith and Andrea took us to a North Carolina State football game after the walk. The boys were in HEAVEN!

The difference in a 18-55 mm lens (regular) and a 10mm-20 mm (wide-angle) lens. Cool.

Cole and Glen get eggs on their farm. Cole wants a chicken for Christmas.

Glen and his kitten. I love these shots.

You can feel the sweetness he embodies.

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