Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Candy for Dinner, Cake for Dessert

Cole turned 7 years old on November 1st. Brian and I noticed that this was the first year that he read all of the birthday cards on his own, with his toothless grin. He is a good kid. He is a blend of Brian's laid back personality and my somewhat sensitive/fiery alter egos. Mostly he is just himself; his free spirited, big brother, fun-loving self. He is one of my greatest joys. Happy birthday Cole, may your 7th year be filled with blessings, good times and love.

Love & Light,


And of course, the celebration begins on Halloween!

And this is Brian's alter ego, Joe Dirt.

Tasha's Halloween party. She really went all out to make this day even more exciting. She is fun, creative and such a good Mama!

Hanging worms.

Mishka (top), Elena (bottom).

This is the Halloween snack I made the boys. Of course, I found it on Pinterest!

And then we went to our Goddaughter Elsie's Second birthday party. This cake was AWESOME!

And the beautiful birthday girl herself. Sweet little Elsie. Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you!

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