Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest 101

I am here today to point out the fallacies of Pinterest. You know, the website that probably is more addictive than crack cocaine. Pinterest IS Hotel California; you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. If you have no idea what Pinterest is, stop reading now. (And WOW, how you get through the day without starting a sentence with, "I saw this on Pinterest.....", is beyond my comprehension.)

Anyway, EVERYTHING on Pinterest is amazing. It is a jackpot of cool ideas from everything from newborn photography to how to fix your carberator. My goal was to actually revisit the "things" I have pinned and try them. I chose a recipe for cake pops for Cole's upcoming birthday party. Let's just say, that OH SO EASY caption with the beautiful accompanying photos did lure me in. I thought, "I can do this!! Piece of cake pop!" Here is the bottom line...

Pinterest does not state in the fine print of the DIY homemade projects that some sort of skill or baseline talent is required, but it really should.  Otherwise you are cursing yourself, your kids, your husband, as you wish that you just bought the damn cupcakes for $3.99 at Kroger instead of spending the past 4 hours and $40 trying to recreate a Pinterest "Easy and Fun" project. Because it is not easy and what looks like fun, is not. The kids lick the spoons and then they are out of there and you are left with finishing the recipe and the clean-up which takes longer than the actual time it takes to drive to the store, buy the store bought version, stop to get a coffee at Starbucks, get a pedicure and return home.  I am just being honest. I don't mean to discourage those who are trying to get in touch with their creative selves, by all means, pin away! Just think twice when you actually decide to try one of those "cool" Pinterest DIY projects. Ask yourself, "Do I really have the time, the patience, and the monetary resources to do this?" If any of the answers to those are not a solid yes, do yourself a favor and resist the temptation to succumb to the pin!

Here is a link to what I was attempting to recreate. , her project looked SO easy and her photos are fantastic!!! Below are the photographs of my attempt at the same idea. I can hear my sister laughing at me right now.

Love & Light,


The ingredients.

Separate into colors.



Unwrap before you crumble!

Here is where it gets tricky. Mix in frosting to "Play-do" like texture. It is not supposed to be sticky. Hmmm... if I could only take photos of what my hands looked like. Let's just say it was sticky.

Roll into balls.

Dip sticks and refrigerate for 20 min.

Roll cake balls into melted chocolate. My attempt was to make eye balls. I still have to do the red veins tomorrow, but seriously, this  looks NOTHING like the photo. And I bet that lady was not cursing throughout her entire cake pop project. And I feel as though I should sum this up with a positive statement like, "Homemade treats mean more or Cole will really appreciate these," but neither are true. A package of Oreos will bring as much joy. Lesson learned.


  1. OMG!!! I hope you had a tall rum & coke after this! You had me in stitches - & Cole better LOVE those cake pops ;)...

  2. First of all....Pinterest addict, I am. 2nd...most projects involve the start of comraderie but end with above mentioned rum and coke in hand. LOL You are a great mom:)

  3. Shoot...I have the cake pop maker, and they still turn out looking like crap. Lost dozens just trying to dip them in chocolate. Yours are cute...look like mummies! Good thing they still taste good!