Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Craving Pumpkin

I think everyone has a time of the year that resonates within. A particular season or month when you feel more grounded, more strangely at peace. My season is Autumn. The richness in color of the trees, the leaves as they dance from the branch to the grass as Mother Nature prepares for Winter amazes me. The coolness in the air is like a warm spot you find in a cold ocean, it is welcome and I am so grateful for it. I love sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I crave everything pumpkin from candles to coffees; Halloween is like a giant celebration of the child within, a chance to become anything or anyone you want.

I find that Autumn, not unlike Spring, passes too quickly; whereas Summer and Winter seem to monopolize the majority of the passing years. Maybe that is why I love Autumn, I know my time with it is fleeting so I must be more present in its visit.

Here are some photos of the boys from our visit to the pumpkin patch at Chesterfield Berry Farm.

Love & Light,


Duck Races.

Children of the corn


This photo (below) is my favorite of the day!

A self portrait (above). This is the only proof I was there too!

Decisions, decisions... Which pumpkin to pick?

A large pit of corn kernel equals awesome fun.

This is our football field. It has moved from our dining room onto the side yard. I took this from my bedroom window. The boys are in heaven!


  1. Love it !!!! I need to send you some of my fall candles. I just made apple pie scent and my kitchen smelled soooo yummy. Ella talked me into apple cider cups for the keurig today too. We are all in the mood:) Still too warm here for fall clothes, but I love jeans, long sleeves, and my boots! Can't wait. Max and Ella would LOVE the football field in the yard! Enjoy Fall, my friend. xo, M

  2. Thats a pretty cool pumpkin patch! Looks like fun!! And that football field is awesome! Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. So wish I was there. Leave houses, the smell of the leaves as you walk through them. It changes each day... moment by moment... until the snow flakes wake you one morning. I love it too, fall is for soup, candles & jumping in a pile of leaves.......