Friday, October 12, 2012

Closer Than They Appear

I remember riding in the passenger seat of a childhood car that had the saying "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" embedded into the side mirror. Sometimes I feel like life is like that saying. Moments in life are (insert word) than they appear; happier, messier, more chaotic, crazier, more exciting, less exciting, etc. I suppose the word changes depending on the activities of day. I think a blog of your life tends to make the life look more exciting than it really is. Right now I am watching the Yankees play the Orioles on television, typing on my computer while dodging flying pillows to my head, on a Friday night. Not exactly a happening social scene, but it is good. And Derek Jeter is still hot. TGIF friends.

Love & Light,


Dinner menu.

The Sous Chef, Nolan.
Oh yes, I can make two dinners at once.

But this is what happens when you substitute pumpkin butter instead of oil.

And Nolan and I tried this fun activity I found on Pinterest. It was awesome! Equal parts shaving cream to glue.

It dries puffy and three dimensional. Very cool.

Keep Truckin!


  1. I always think the same thing...these are snapshots of life...the fun, exciting, sad, ....whatever had stricken as mood that day. Speaking of Jeter, I just found a tshirt that Ella wore, Yankees with #2 Jeter on the it fits Max:) So cool! have a great weekend.

  2. Barbasol and elmer's glue. The perfect fun-mess.
    Too funny! You made me laugh!