Thursday, September 13, 2012

Statistically Speaking

It is not a secret that my boys love sports. I think I have made enough references to the Yankees and Steelers to attest that we are fans. However, I feel there are kids who enjoy sports and then there is Cole.

This is what I pick up WEEKLY off of Cole's floor to recycle.

These are Cole's baseball statistics and his football picks. Every night he does his baseball picks, where he writes out the names of the teams and circles who he thinks will win. He then writes one for myself, Brian and Nolan and we ALL have to pick our teams. He analyzes his teams by their performance from previous games and records, I choose my team by the color of the uniforms and Nolan will just pick whatever team you say last. Here is what our NIGHTLY conversation consists of...

Cole: Mom, Yankee or Red Sox?

Me: Yankees of course.

Cole: I have to go with the Red Sox tonight. They won the last 3 games and statistically I think they have a better shot.

Me: You cannot root against your team.

Cole: Mom, I am just going by the numbers.

Cole: Nolan do you want Yankees or Red Sox?

Nolan: Red Sox.

Me: What? Ask him the other way.

Cole: Okay Nolan, Red Sox or Yankees?

Nolan: Yankees.

This is just the baseball picks, he then does football analysis. He makes me wake him up 15 minutes before his normal time to get up so he can watch ESPN to review the games he missed the night before. A friend of ours says he can talk baseball with Cole like he does with his college buddies. And despite my concerns about this obsession, I love that Cole can start a conversation with the cashier at Walmart, friend's parents or another young kid just by asking what their teams are. Sports is how he communicates and if you remotely can speak his language you have a friend for life.

Love & Light,



  1. Precious! I love this! I love the "recycling" What a neat kid he is! I am a Yankees girl...I do not care about the stats! LOL

  2. Love this! Cole is amazing!!!