Saturday, September 1, 2012

See you in September

Today is the first of September. It would have been my grandfather's 95th birthday and my Creed dog's 14th birthday. My grandfather passed away over 5 years ago and Creed dog has been gone exactly 9 months. I still remember my grandfather vividly. He had a grande wood shop in which he created everything from little toy trucks to large wooden tables, chests and everything in between (half the furniture in my house was made by his hands). He had a dark room to develop his film and a vegetable garden with rows of strawberries, rhubarb and bright green veggies. When I smell sawdust or freshly earthed green beans and onions, I am a child again in his shop learning how to make a wooden trinket or filling bags of green beans from his garden. He kept piles of $20 bills in his freezer and always had a stash of candy; he let my sister and I win at rummy.  He was a good man, and an amazing grandfather. Happy Birthday Papa, we miss you!

And Creed dog, I still look for your face in the window waiting to greet us. I miss the sound of your nails on our hardwood floors and hearing your sigh as you settle down to sleep. Happy birthday my faithful friend.

Here are some photos from a project we worked on this past week.

Love & Light,


(1) Collect the chestnuts.

 (2) Find willing participants.

(3) Swirl chestnuts in paint.

(4) Let dry, drill holes through the sides and make fun bracelets, rings & necklaces!

Cole is selling for $1.00 a bracelet, .50 for rings! Put your order in now! Free shipping! LOL.


  1. ah Stacy, that made me tear up and smile at the same time. I can also remember details about my grandparents so vividly. i'll always miss them. love ya!

  2. Wow! I'll take one of each Cole! amazing & another wonderful craft day with Mommy! Loved your memories of Pop. I too breath again deeply, with closed eyes when I smell sawdust & fresh cut wood, as it sweeps me back to Pop's shop. A blessed man he was to do what he loved.... & we blessed to have had him.. Creating memories is the best gift we give our children & grandchildren... remembering to take the time to do it is the key....