Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lost in Hollywood

I have been wanting to visit the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond for years. On Tuesday after I dropped Nolan off to school I came home and started laundry when I heard the weatherman say it was going to be one of the most beautiful days; low humidity and mid 70's, the perfect day to be outside. I stopped folding the laundry, left the dryer door wide open, grabbed my shoes and camera and started driving into the city.

I cannot even tell you how cool this place was. I only made it through a quarter of the cemetery when I realized I was completely lost and had to pick Nolan up on the other side of the city in 15 minutes (not going to happen). Thank God for great girlfriends as a quick text to Whitney and she grabbed Nolan (I did not tell her I was running through unmarked Confederate graves trying to find my way out of a cemetery, I thought that might freak her out).

I called Brian while leaving and told him how amazing this place is and I wondered if it would be too strange to have date night there so we could just roam around without the kids. He said yes (in his "You called me at work to ask me this?" voice), it would be weird. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. Maybe it was just because it was quiet, I was completely alone and it was oddly beautiful there. I did jump every time a chestnut would fall from the trees as I thought a ghost was behind me. When you see so many tombstones of people who died in the mid 1800's that were so young (especially so many children) probably from an illness, it was so deeply sad. It gave me a good dose of gratitude for modern day medicines and amenities available for my children.

If you visit Richmond or if (like me) you have lived here for 15 years and have never been to the Hollywood Cemetery, you have to go. It is an amazing place.

Love & Light,


I love the sun behind this statue.

A beautiful view of the city skyline and the James River.

This was one of the most moving tombstones. It was in the mid 1800's a 3 year old boy and his 2 year old sister were buried here. This was the statue on top of the tombstone, and below is the stone. It made me very emotional.

The shadows were so interesting.

I just liked this little pumpkin sitting there.

Angels Everywhere...


  1. OHHHHH I miss the James River!! Fun times:))

  2. Oh my gosh Stacy...what beautiful shots. I LOVE the one of the brother and sister. It was so sad, but so beautiful too. I envy the "drop the laundry and go to this wonderful place..." Maybe one day that inspiration will hit me and I will walk right out of the school doors! Your post and pictures totally made we want to visit Richmond. DId you get your groove back??? Looks like it! xo ~Meg

  3. Wow...Stacy The beauty of this quiet place. Do you remember the pictures I took in an old cemetery in wine country Californa a few years ago? The sweet face of the angel guarding a child lost... while Iron gates, & grape vine fields glow in the sun beyond. It was amazing... We are called by the love felt...all those years ago...