Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to Business and Baseball

 The boys are back in school, my windows are open and the mums are blooming out front; all signs point to Autumn.

Here are some photos from what we have been up to.

Love & Light,


Cole's First Day of First Grade!

 Nolan is the photographer.

The first graders return. Elena, Mishka and Cole.

 Nolan's first day of nursery school.

And... The Yankee game. We drove to Baltimore to watch the Yanks play the Orioles. AWESOME!

LOVE some Jeter!!

And A ROD!

Our view.

I love these photos.

 Cheering for our team.

 Cole had to check his football picks during innings. This kid is a sports NUT...

 Family photos at the park.


  1. LOVE this! And... The last picture is perfect for your Christmas card!!! ;)

  2. Love the family pic at the end and the your color with the "boys" picture. Hue-ish :) Great shots!

  3. Looks like a great time at the game and you got some wonderful shots. You could work for the Yankees as their photographer. And yes, the family shot is great !

  4. Awsome! these are the days!!!! of life & love, xx's & oooo's Nana