Monday, September 24, 2012

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I took Nolan and his buddy Callie to the Children's Museum a few days ago. And as I watched them play, I realized that they are mimicking many of the things we do as adults. They play store and grocery shopping, they fix cars, they get money from the ATM to deposit at the bank to buy "stuff", they play school and they just drive around and go places. However I noticed a big difference in their interpretation of adult life tasks versus ours, they were enjoying it all. The excitement of picking out groceries and filling up your cart, driving a car to wherever you want to go, playing dress up in crazy clothes to go to work; to them it was an adventure. I cannot remember the last time I thought of grocery shopping as an adventure. I think that if I started viewing life through their lens, the mundane tasks would be much more fun. Some days my kids are my teachers.

Love & Light,


And the photos below are of the kids catching scarves as they blew out of a wind tube. Their laughter and complete joy in catching the scarves with the sunlight hitting them, felt magical.

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