Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NFL Draft Pick Day

We recently received the much awaited letter as to whom Cole will have for his first grade teacher.  As soon as the letter arrives, the phone calls, e-mails and texts begin to friends and classmates inquiring to who they were assigned. Before I know it, I have been on some sort of electronic device the whole afternoon getting the info on who has what teacher and hearing what other mothers know about the teachers we have been assigned. In the midst of my frenzied texts and responses to e-mails, Brian made the comment that this was like NFL draft pick day for mothers. I suppose sports analogies are the easiest way for some men to grasp the events in the day of the life of a mom.

So here is the brief translation for Brian; pre-season is ending and opening day of first grade will be starting next Tuesday. We are siked about Cole's coach and are pumped that some of his teammates from last year will be joining him along with some new prospects. This should be a great year.

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This was a GIANT beehive next to my in-law's house. I have never seen one so big!

These may be nonexistent one day (above).

This was from my in-law's deck. This is on my bucket list of "to-do's"!

My sister and cousins in Boston.

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  1. What is on your Bucket list? To fly a balloon or take a ride?