Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanging On

A few times each year I weed through the boy's wardrobe and take out the clothes that no longer fit them to make room for the next size. Today I pulled all the size 3's for Nolan to make room for the 4's and any lingering size 5's for Cole to make room for the piles of size 6 & 7's. My sister and I have been swapping clothes between our boys since they were born. I have some outfits that have been worn by all five of our boys. I can picture each of them in those outfits, with their chubby little cheeks and their own unique smile.

I went to hang some new clothes in the closet for Cole to wear to first grade this year and they fell off the baby hangers that I have had since he was born. It made me pause as the first shirt fell; I tried again to rehang it but again it slid off. I felt a twinge of sadness; I remember those hangers in perfect alignment with all his new baby clothes as I was pregnant and in anticipation of his birth. I would stand there with my giant belly and look through the baby blue outfits with giraffes and turtles and sayings like "Mama's Boy" embroidered on the front. They each had the baby smell of Dreft and innocense. Today Cole got out of the shower and he smells of Axe (the shower gel for big boys) and he no longer wears pajamas but boxers with a t-shirt.

It is all good, exactly as it is supposed to be. Nolan's clothes still fit on the baby hangers so I am not still upstairs sobbing on the bedroom floor mourning the loss of my babies. It is just another sign to stop and enjoy the present. So after I was done hanging Cole's clothes on adult hangers and Nolan's clothes on the baby hangers, I went downstairs and hugged their little boy bodies. The good news is the older they get, the harder you can hug them.

Love & Light,


Here are some more photos from our trip North.

Cole and his cousin Payton find a "C" shaped cucumber in Grandma's garden.

More from my photoshoot of my nieces. And Hailey's senior photos below. Beautiful, beautiful girls. I remember holding each of them as babies.

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  1. Awe Stacy I love reading all of your thoughts because they are all so true and what every mother goes through. I remember last year when Mya's clothes fell off the hanger too and thinking the exact same things!!! Abby and Kevin's girls are beautiful WOW!!!