Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Goo With It..

We made goo today. Aka slime. Definition: Sticky stuff that is irresistible yet repulsive at the same time. Here are the required ingredients.

Here are the willing participants.

And here is what the final product looks like.

And this...

We also painted rocks.

This is Cole's good buddy, Mishka. She is a total tomboy, which Cole loves. We got her this Steeler's shirt for her birthday in April that she wears all the time (her parents are Patriots & Red Sox Fans, we are converting her to Yankees and Steelers. It is killing them).


I had to take this photo of Mishka's toes, because we never get to paint nails (above).

Meanwhile, Nolan was doing this (below)...

And just summer games in the driveway.

Life was good today if you were 6 and under, life was very good today.

Love & Light,



  1. Love the goop. Never done it with neon, but I think my kids would like it even better. You are such a fun mom:)

  2. Neon food coloring?! My classroom playdo will never be the same!! And clear, brilliant! Can you share the recipe for the gooey stuff? Thanks!

  3. Love love love!!! I see you didn't comment on the non-willing goo participant. But she makes up for it in the last pic. You have made my girls so happy!! Thanks.