Saturday, July 28, 2012

Homeward Bound

We have been in New York for 6 days. The boys and I drove 7 hours from Virginia with only one bathroom break. I feel a "pat yourself on the shoulder" sort of pride in taking the boys across three states on my own. Then the pride turns into a slight edge of  insanity as I realize that being out of your own element makes any sort of structure you may have created pretty much void, including naps, bedtimes, diet, etc. You come to accept (typically too late into the trip), that you just have to roll with it. The past few days I have seen all my NY nieces and nephews in Wayland and Rochester, my aunt and uncle in Syracuse, my grandmother, my two close girlfriends, celebrated Nolan's 4th birthday, went to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game, the zoo, the children's museum and multiple playgrounds, pools and parks. I feel we have just crammed the whole summer into this week and we still have another week to go. I have so many photographs on my camera that I cannot even begin to sort them and it also takes a VERY long time to load photos out here. I have half written sentences on random pieces of paper of insights I have had while being gone and visiting my home town. I hope to compile them into some sort of coherent structure if I can find what bag I shoved them in.

Despite the busy schedule, the boys have been very good and seeing my friends and family has been wonderful. Here are some photos of our journey so far .

Love & Light,


 My niece, Payton.

They joined the zoo.

My girlfriend Amy and her daughter Camryn.

Love this!

My girlfriend Holly's daughter, Joslyn.

Sweet Jossie.

Pool party at Aunt Jane and Uncle Chris's house!

Nolan and Aunt Jane. They were in the pool ALL day long! So much fun!

The tourist.

The rough life.

Camryn is not sure what to think of these two!


  1. Nolan's hair got some much blonder! And yeah..structure completely goes out the window with travel! Way to go :)

  2. What a great day we had together! The boys were so much fun; I just smile thinking about our day. Thanks so much for making the trip here.

  3. Stacy, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your words are pictures and your pictures are words.