Sunday, July 1, 2012

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

We babysat for our neighbor's puppy this weekend. It struck me at one point when both the puppy and my boys were being mischievous, just how similar boys and puppies are.

I created this list in my head as I threw the tennis ball for all of them to chase.

Top 20 Ways That Boys are Like Puppies...

(1) They often lick instead of kiss.

(2) If you sit on the floor you are fair game to be tackled or jumped on.

(3) They think the word "no" means they can try that again in a few minutes.

(4) Ball? Will someone throw me a ball?

(5) They eat random food off the floor. Stale Cheetos and year old Halloween candy shoved under couch cushions are a good find.

(6) They greet strangers at the door with loud acknowledgement.

(7) You have to take them to a park to run or they follow you all day long asking when they are going somewhere.

(8) They keep crawling back in bed with you after repeatedly putting them back in their own bed.

(9) They want to eat everything else besides what is for dinner.

(10) You are cleaning up their messes (inside and out) all day long.

(11) They take really cute photos.

(12) Everyone wants to hug and kiss on them.

(13) They seem to gravitate toward dirt or anything foul smelling or sticky and then roll in it.

(14) They cuddle in your lap at night.

(15) Ball? Did someone say ball again?

(16) They are happy to see you when you get home; be it ten days or ten minutes.

(17) They love to drink out of garden hoses and run through sprinklers.

(18) They get very excited to see the mailman.

(19) They pee on trees and chase bugs.

(20) They love you unconditionally. Even in the morning with your unbrushed teeth and your hawk's nest hairdo; to them you are their sun.

Here are some photos from today.

Love & Light,



  1. I agree! Before having a little boy, I would not have known...but now I do! LOL Great pics! I love seeing you in them

  2. You forgot the look on their face when they wrecked something, GUILTY LOOK! And there ofcourse, there are smells & sniffing.... & loud barking! got to love those boys & puppys!

  3. Stacy, this is terrific! I have three boys; you speak the truth!

    We just returned home from Alaska and I captured a photo that I hope you will enjoy. Hop over to my blog and find "my favorite photo". :-) ReadWriteSing