Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Better than the Yankees...

The boys and I headed to place better than Chuck E. Cheese or Yankee Stadium.... A place where boys rule the roost, where nut cups are worn all day long, where bed times are non existent and shirts and shoes are optional. A place where superheroes are known to appear, fireworks shoot from the sky and baseball is inhaled and exhaled from morning to midnight; the cousin's house.

My boys get so excited to visit their three boy cousins in North Carolina that they pack weeks in advance, they count down days, they tell everyone and anyone who will listen where they are going. Once they hop out of our car when we pull into the kid covered cul-de-sac after a lengthy three and a half hour drive, they disappear for the next two days; only peeking their heads indoors for the request for a drink or sugary snack.

I love my nephews, they are the reason I chose to have children of my own. However, as much as I love them, my boys have a bond with them that I cannot compare. This is the best gift my sister and I ever gave each other, the bond of brotherhood of our boys.

Love & Light,


Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took.

Nolan and Jaxon

Dinner time

Wii Baseball

The neighborhood game

Going for a ride

Superman getting ready to fly away.

They wore these all day.

Living the Life.

My sis.

Stay tuned for fun 4th of July photos. Nothing like trying to photograph 15 active kids carrying sparklers in the dark with no flash and a very low shutter speed. Good times.

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