Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby You're a Firework...

Here are some photos from last week at my sister's house in North Carolina. There is nothing like fireworks with friends and family.

Love & Light,



The neighbor, Grace. She is the only one who would pose for my camera. So cute and a cool shot I think. Super slow shutter speed.

I was a little nervous to see a beer can in one hand and a firework in another.

Nolan with his first sparkler. I love this shot.

I just love this photo above. It feels like magic.

And I cannot stop photographing Nolan. Cole was MIA with his cousins all weekend so he was hard to locate to photograph.

Nolan (on the other hand) requests mini photoshoots.

Lucy (above) and Luke (below) are my mom's pups. Cute!

And then there is Drew (above). This kid wears nothing but baseball pants and a nut cup. This was at 11 pm when he got dressed in full gear. I thought my boys were all testosterone but my sister's boys are more sports obsessed than mine!

This is Jaxon's favorite photo above. He dressed Drew all up and had him pose for the camera and then checked my photos to make sure I got the perfect shot. Love it!

And my Tye, who today turns 8 years old! Another Yankee fan! These kids can play some serious ball.

The "leaving" picture. Cole is always teary when we have to go.

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