Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Snapshot

I had a beer in the backyard with a good friend a few nights ago. One of those friends that seems to put life's insanities all in perspective, while making you seem totally sane and valid in anything you discuss from PMS to God. She has the qualities of a patient therapist and an objective life coach; I felt like I should have paid her after our talk.

When I question my parenting, she reminds me of my blog and the photographs I take of doing all these wonderful things with my children. I tell her the day before I felt like I yelled the whole day and fed the kids Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I did not photograph that. Sometimes I feel as though my blog is a misrepresentation of my life. It is truly just a snapshot, a moment of time, a part of the day. I feel as though I should include a forewarning that despite the cute photos of the kids, the art projects and moments of grace, therein lies temper tantrums (both the kids and mine), too much television and times when I sit in the car to hide from the boys. I choose not to photograph those moments, they are not the ones I want to remember. I find that taking a snapshot of the good times helps me to remember these times with more clarity than melt downs at Target or bedtimes gone bad.

Eudora Welty writes, "A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." And since life is really just a series of snapshots, I want to remember the good ones.

Love & Light,


Our sunflower garden.

My limequats are growing!

My search for letters. Can you see the P?

Be careful. This becomes addicting. You start to see letters everywhere!

I saw this on Pinterest. A roll of aluminum foil, a hose and some things that float equal a river of fun.


  1. I was reading GGC's blog the other day and she was commenting on how when the twins are crying she picks one up and feels guilty about not getting the other one first. I feel the same way about the "misrepresentation" but I choose too to document the good things-I want my kids to remember being happy (and eating cocoa puffs all day long probably WOULD be a happy memory). No one takes pics of the meltdowns in target. Although I HAVE photographed tantrums before to show the kids how RIDICULOUS they look! LOL Wish I could come over and have a cocoktail with you on your porch! We would be good for each other! xo ~M

  2. My heart smiles when I read your words and see your snapshots.... whether of the good times or the bad. It makes me feel that we are truly all in this together, and that is so comforting and beautiful. Sending love!!!

  3. In one week we will be having that long awaited drink together:)) cant wait!!