Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I Learned in Kindergarten...

Cole had his last day of Kindergarten on Friday. The difference in his self confidence stepping off the bus that last day versus nine months ago was apparent. We had a little party to celebrate the last day with the two neighborhood friends who were also graduating. We were blessed to have an amazing teacher who created an atmosphere of warmth and excitement about learning. She was Cole's welcome mat into the door of the educational world, and I could not have been more thankful for her. We love you Mrs. West!

Cole was not the only person who learned a lot in Kindergarten this year. I also felt as much a student as he did. Here is what I learned.

(1) Kindergarten is a tough word to spell. I can never remember to use a "d" or "t". I had to start many notes over again because of the misspelling.

(2) The kids will ALWAYS eat their desserts first in their lunch no matter how much you make them promise not to.

(3) Lunch ladies still scare me, so do bus drivers.

(4) Let go of the guilt of throwing out paperwork they bring home. If you hold onto every drawing, paper, or art project they brought home you will soon be featured on that hoarder reality show. Save a few special ones, hang a few on the fridge for a day or two and then, recycle. But put the papers on the bottom of the recycle bin so the kids do not pull them out and question you as to why you are throwing them out because you will be forced to lie about not knowing how they got in there.

(5) Surrender to the fact that you now officially will be called "Mrs. Last Name". Despite my preference to be called "Stacy"  by Cole's friends or school staff, they will call you by your last name in the proper Southern style, "Mr. & Mrs. So & So". And damn, our last name is a tough one for kids. Those poor kids try so hard to say it. I also have to teach Cole that you cannot just shout out your friend's mom's first name from the back of the car (that he is accustomed to doing our good friends and neighbors).

(6) The first day of school is still as emotional as the last day. The first day is letting go of your baby, the last day is the recognition that they are not babies any longer.

Wishing you all a relaxing summer.

Love & Light,


These are my attempts of a class photo on the last day. Quite hilarious (and Nolan had to jump in there too!)

A Sea of Children

Cole's first crush... Walker.

The BEST teacher (she won teacher of the year at the school), Mrs. West. Jake is in the back doing bunny ears and got in big trouble by his mom. I think it just adds character to the photo.

Last Day!

Cole, Elena and Mishka. The neighborhood graduates!

The whole crew.

The real party starts.

Party Time


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  1. LOVE this!! Great post! SUch a fun last day!! can we play sooooon !?!?! we miss you!!