Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pooped Out...

It's 2:08 am. I believe I jinxed myself after boasting to my sister that Nolan is completely out of diapers and uses the toilet exclusively because since that conversation he has pooped his pants twice and peed on the floor. He woke me about half an hour ago whispering from the hallway, "Mom...Mom, I pooped myself." It was one of those incidents where you have to put them right in a tub; when you still smell the poop on you somewhere despite having scrubbed your hands repeatedly; where even at 2 am you just cannot fall back asleep because the washer is banging loudly from wet sheets and poopy pants. Brian has not even moved slightly from his sound sleep. He will wake up tomorrow and ask why I am so tired, he slept great. He can sleep through the washer, a vacuum and vomiting children (all in the same room). I spring up immediately from hearing "Mom" whispered from two rooms away. It kind of makes me want to "accidentally" elbow him in the head while he sleeps, just out of spite to see if that wakes him up. But I won't, that would be mean.

Instead, I sit here at 2:25 and listen to the sound my fingertips make on the keypad as I type. It is refreshing not to hear the boys throwing the ball in the next room or as soon as I sit down be bombarded with requests for drinks, snacks and the plea to pitch to them outside before 8 am. I hope you don't read this as complaining because that is not my intention; or maybe it is. On most days I feel blessed, but there are days, nights, when I question my sanity. And then I realize it is because I have not slept and I still smell like poop and as I write this Nolan is coming down the stairs wondering why I am not in bed AND he is hungry and thirsty. It is now 2:38. Hmmm...that accidental elbow to Brian's head sounds SO appealing right now. Better yet, I will carry Nolan back up the stairs and put him in bed with us and he can give Brian the elbow.

Sleep well.

Love & Light,


We got the boys a summer job working at Lowes.

This was a challenging project for me!

Brian had to photograph how I needed to pull out most the nails I put in.

Cole did almost all his car on his own. He was so proud.

Poor Nolan had me helping him. It took us a little longer but we figured it out.

The finished projects. So much fun!!


  1. I love it cuzzz!!! hahaha

  2. We have all been there:) I like how the kids will search me out to ask me something when they were JUST sitting next to Josh or how he can go to the bathroom AND take a shower with NO interruptions! We are so lucky :) Love it as always....