Thursday, June 7, 2012

Permission to Nap... Granted

Today is the last day of school for Nolan, closely followed by one week left for Cole. My last four hours of freedom for the next three months. My "To Do" list is long, but it is always long. I am starting to come to terms with its permanent existence; much like a tattoo (not that I regret that blue rose on my ankle or anything...). What did I do on my last day of freedom? I grabbed my backdated subscriptions to O magazine and slid into bed. I was about halfway through Oprah's revelation on the power of flower meditation when I fell asleep, magazine over face.

I remember when I was younger hearing a mother say, " I dream of sleep." At the time I was perplexed by this statement. Huh? Aren't you sleeping if you are dreaming? Now I get it. My sleep at night is representative of how I feel about my life sometimes, not enough time/energy/resources to give it the attention it deserves. Part of my body lies awake to listen for the boys; a cough, a bad dream, a shout for a drink. This coupled with my history of night terrors (yes, I actually had a sleep study done) and a mind that likes to run a lengthy marathon just as I lie down equals a tired Mama functioning at a 1st grade level assuming responsibility for two children with the energy of a cheerleading squad (them, not me). I  know I am not alone. In fact my case may be a mild one and I am playing my own sad violin.

My original point of this story is about napping and how it seems to  be perceived more of a luxury than a necessity. When did this change? As toddlers, preschoolers and some grade schoolers it is a necessity. Then at some age, some tipping point one becomes a slacker if you nap; twelve, thirteen-years-old maybe? For a large part of our lives we are discouraged from a siesta, we have "other" things we should be doing. Then it cycles back around at my grandparent's age and napping becomes a necessity again. So from tween to senior, napping is not given its much needed Surgeon General's Warning;  WARNING. No nap may result in cranky, ill- mannered persons with desperately low levels of patience. Two hours a day of nap required to maintain sanity.

All this being said, I slept for an hour and a half (okay two hours). I am sure Brian will not be happy as I was going to paint a bench, rake the back yard and scrub out the bathtubs. But WOW, do I feel good! My battery has recharged and I can write without a running clout of commentary from a cranky ego. I am leaving to get Nolan with a refreshed spirit and a high tolerance level for insanity. I hope this feeling will carry me through the summer.

Love & Light,


Not a total slacker, I did paint my door a new FUN summer color!

Had to hang it.

I miss the beach. :(

I can almost feel myself there. Almost...

My Flintstone feet miss the salt and sand.

And I know Brian would rather be here.


  1. Stacy,
    I haven't been to your site much recently due to scheduling SAT's and ACT tests for Dakota getting him ready for "college", etc. I do enjoy reading your thoughts and totally agree. It appears I have a little bit of catching up to do on your gallery photos.
    Thanks for the great job on my pics