Monday, June 4, 2012

Infinite Boy Energy

I am slacking a bit on my blog posts. I have been in the midst of baseball games, playdates and camps as Cole is getting ready to graduate from Kindergarten. I finally unpacked our suitcases from the beach; only a week and half since we returned home.  I have started to compile lists of things I would like to accomplish this summer, only to be annoyed by the length of the lists and put them away. But mostly, I am tired. I feel my words of wisdom seep out of my brain at about 2 pm and if I attempt to write later than that, the fatigue takes over and I struggle to make sentences coherent. I hope the photos will speak for themselves and evoke the endless energy and joy for life that these boys radiate.

They make me smile.

Love & Light,


Cole and his good buddy Miles played each other on Saturday. They were so cute. (Cole catching and Miles batting above, and Miles on first and Cole playing first below). I remember when they were babies, crawling next to each other.

I LOVE a GENUINE Cole smile... Priceless.

The post game celebration. GO Bing Mets!!!

Just hanging out after the game.

The pre-game water balloon line up today!!

These boys played baseball in the side yard for 3 hours with a short water balloon fight at the 7th inning stretch.  I loved hearing their voices and watching them run, play and just be young.

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  1. Ahhhhhh the sweet sounds of summer.... the crack of the bat when it hits the ball, the screams of delight when you are blasted with the hose, friends over to play..... its all soooooooooooo good, so welcome to the ear.