Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rain, Rain GO AWAY

We arrived yesterday afternoon at Corolla (which I recently learned is pronounced Cor-ah-la, not Cor-o-la, like the car). My favorite part of a beach trip is when you first walk out onto the ocean. The smell of ocean air is intoxicating and I feel as though I can breathe easier, instant Xanax.

I thought I did a good job packing, however I naively packed only one sweatshirt and no pants for the boys, thinking we would not need them. It is chilly and is currently raining sideways out our window. The forecast looks grim. We keep checking the extended forecast on-line and on the weather channel, praying that maybe the sun will come out. The boys are sledding down the stairs on the surf board, Brian and I are drowning our weather blues in beer and good books. Not all bad, there is a hot tub with a view of the ocean. It's all good.

Happy Birthday Brian. We love you!!

Love & Light,


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