Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photographing Presence

I always struggle in my head whether to carry the camera or to leave it at home and enjoy the moment. However, I have come to realize when I leave my camera at home I am envisioning photos in my head. Pictures of me spinning the boys around on the beach, Cole's face when he catches his first fish, laying in bed at night reading books looking at the profiles of Nolan's, Cole's and Brian's face, seeing the resemblence; the same blue eyes with their own unique flair that stare back at me. I feel torn between being present and breathing in that very moment or photographing it so I can remember what a perfect moment it was.

I told Brian that the boys will look at these photos some day and think he did everything with them and I was nowhere to be found. When in reality between every photograph, I set the camera down and I play, I dance and I love them with every ounce of life I have. I hope that they do not need a photograph of me to remember this. I hope they know I took so many photos because they inspire me to create, to be, to find love in the little moments.

I left the camera at the beach house tonight, only to sprint back to grab it before the sun set. I was glad I did.

Love & Light,


Cole and Brian go fishing every morning and every night. They have caught 15 fish (and a sting ray) according to Cole, and they throw them all back.

And a wedding on the beach. I was a bit of a paparazzi and pulled out my telephoto lens.

Blurry because it was so far away but little girls in pretty dresses on the beach, I could not resist.



  1. I wish you were here too Amy! Love and miss you...

  2. Oh so glad it cleared up! I can almost hear the the birds, & smell the ocean.... If I lived there I would feel rich for the daily dose of it all!!! Love the pictures, thanks for taking us to the beach Stacy! :)