Friday, May 4, 2012

Elliptical Illusions

I have my best thoughts on the elliptical; brilliant  ideas about inventions, ways to save time, books to write, how to save the world. The novels would sure to be published, the inventions will score me interviews with Matt Laur. Oprah would request my presence at a private dinner party and I would be able to have my to do list accomplished, dinner prepared and the house cleaned by lunch.  Then as soon as my feet stop, so does my brain. I lose my train of thought, my ideas that once seemed so grande no longer hold allure. I forget what I was going to write my book about and my plans to save the world seem far-fetched and ridiculous.

I often keep a journal by the treadmill to jot down ideas. Is it lack of oxygen to my brain that explains my ideas of grandeur? Is it my unconscious attempt to distract my mind from the clock, the pain in my body or serious dehydration? I suppose it really does not matter, because it gets me through my 40 minute workout when I would much rather be doing anything other than exercising. Maybe one of those grande ideas will manifest into something big. However if I do not keep up my exercise routine, the only thing that will be getting big, is my butt.

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from the past few days.

My feet.

They are both in separate parts of the driveway eating their buckets of strawberries they just picked.

Buckets of Berries

And yes, a week later the second tooth was gone.

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