Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Young and the Toothless

I remember my mom watching the soap opera, The Young and the Restless, when I was a kid. She would iron my dad's work shirts as she watched the rich and powerful Victor and Nicki Newman in the throws of their dramatic life stories. Thirty years later and I still watch this soap opera. Victor and Nicki are still on the series, their children are my age with children and dramas of their own. I strangely find comfort in this soap opera as I was an avid fan through college and most of my 20's. There were periods of my life that I would miss months of the soap and be able to turn it on one sick day to catch up in an hour's time. I strangely find solace in viewing other people's imaginary drama, it is completely ridiculous to believe that one person can endure THAT much drama in their lives and still look so polished.

One tactic a soap opera often does is they have a child go from newborn to teenager in about 6 months time. It is ridiculous and the audience knows it is done purely so the writers have another character to add to the dramatic pool. However, as I was watching the soap this week (NOT ironing Brian's shirts), and a 25 year old guy appeared that was about 10 years old two weeks ago, it made me think.... This is NOT too far fetched as I think, because sometimes that's how my life feels. One day I have a newborn, the next day he is 6 years old and has lost his first tooth. Yes, the soaps are a parody of life, but when my mom visits and I turn the soap on (that she no longer watches) and she sees the characters that she used to watch when I was Cole's age it is almost a time warp. It is as if I jumped from 6 years old to 36 years old in a span of a few episodes.

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