Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Squishy Baff Bonanza

Sometimes I find irony in how you can grow up with a sibling yet have such opposite views on life. And I am finding in talking with friends that this is more common than uncommon. My sister is one of my very best friends and we tend to have fairly similar views on the big ticket items like politics and parenting, however there are so many little things that we differ on that I often find humor in our discrepencies. After Annie offered her house as a vacation refuge for a few days, I could not help but to find humor in how two sisters raised in the same middle class, small town family could be so different. Great examples...I could eat Chef Boyardee out of the can and that makes my sister want to gag; I am always willing to try make-up samples at Department Stores and my sister cringes at the idea of other people having used the items; I love yoga and mediation, she prefers the gym; I am more likely to be obnoxious and she is politely reserved; she loves corona with lime and I like a nice glass of red wine. I have tattoos, she does not and I am more likely the emotional sister, she is more reserved. She buys name brand cute clothes and shoes that I envy, while I buy anything on sale that can be thrown into the laundry and requires no ironing or maintenance.

The idea to write about this came to mind when I bought for my boys "Squishy Baff" for Easter. Annie was appaulled that I would buy that stuff. She was even more appauled when I told her I had to get into the tub and test out the squishy baff too. (And you know I will be sending her boys "squishy baff " for their birthdays, that is what fun Aunts do!)

Regardless of the things about us that make us unique I value her opinion more than most. She is a great Mama and sister, I love her dearly. And I think once she feels squishy baff she will not be able to control her impulses to put her feet in the tub. It is a sensation that one should experience at least once, you instantly become a kid again. I just checked "Taking a Squishy Baff" off my Bucket List.

Love & Light,


Here is a Squishy Baff tutorial.

Love & LIght,


Oh yes we had to try it.


Read directions

Like bathing in jello.

Great for fishing

He should be the poster child for Squishy Baff

It felt SO cool on your feet. It is a MUST try for kids of all ages!!

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  1. No, I will not eat noodles from a can that were put in there six months ago, try on random girl's makeup, or bath my children in chemicals. I wear sneakers when I run,and heals when I walk. I can drink beer like a boy, and play dress up like a girl. Crying makes me cringe. PDA makes me barf. husband just took out the box of Chef BoyRdee that you left here...The box says "Family Fun For All". I beg to differ. I'm off to the gym before I gag.