Monday, April 16, 2012

So Long Friend...

I said goodbye to a close friend, someone who carried me wherever I needed to go and if I took the wrong path she would always turn me around in the right direction. She was often my refuge when the kids were driving me nuts, a place I could be loud or very quiet. She watched me grow from a naive college graduate to a mother of two children. She never judged and was always there. She did not care if I kept her clean or completely filthy, nor did she care what I was wearing or what mood I was in. It  may seem quite silly to some, but my friend was my truck. I said goodbye to the 2000 Ford Explorer that I won over 12 years ago. It was time, but I was grateful for the service she gave me throughout the years. I suppose it isn't truly about the vehicle itself but all the memories that are associated with it. Despite loving my new Chevy Traverse, every time I see an older model blue Ford Explorer on the road I will be reminded of good times.

Love & Light,


I made Brian take photos. He only complained a little.

And a few cool spring shots.

The bud

The blossom

The bloom

Nolan plays t-ball

First Base

The "twins" watch the game.

Mom took this photo as we watched Nolan's game.

The eggs have appeared in the nest I photographed last week.

I cannot wait to photograph the babies!!

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