Sunday, April 22, 2012

Empty Nest

I walked out to my mailbox a few days ago to check on the four bright blue robin's eggs. Two eggs had disappeared. There were no signs of babies hatched or any eggshells within the surrounding area. I asked Nolan what he thought happened and it was a toss up between the Easter Bunny or the Leprechauns that took them. Yesterday I check the nest again and only one egg remains.

It has been raining all weekend and the nest looks flooded and unkept. I researched the reasons behind missing eggs and found it is a common occurrence for robin's eggs to be snatched by squirrels, blue jays, crows and even snakes! I thought about how the mother bird would swoop at me if I even got close to peeking in the nest, I cannot imagine her dismay to have a predator steal her babies. I was sad too because the nest was in a perfect spot for me to get photographs of the birds. However the location of the nest was probably why the eggs disappeared so quickly, seeing that it was not well hidden and only four feet from the ground.

I did find some interesting facts about the robin. "On average, over 50% of all nesting attempts by American Robins fail to produce young. Out of the successful nesting attempts, only ¼ of the fledglings will survive until November. Robins live on average about 1 ½ years, but, according to bird banding records; the oldest known Robin found in the wild was almost 14 years old." (Source)

Sometimes I don't think much about the little things I see everyday like the robins. Then I watch how they work to build these perfectly crafted nests and lay delicate beautiful, bright blue eggs and sit through heat and rain showers to protect them, and I cannot help but to be amazed.

I like this quote, "Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer,simpler state of being which we may strive to attain." ~Doug Coupland

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