Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Love

Brian and I have lived in Richmond for 14 years. Our extended family is a 4 hour drive south to North Carolina or 8 hours north to New York, therefore we often spend holidays and birthdays without our parents, siblings and cousins close by to celebrate. However, we have developed close friendships here over the years and these friends have become our surrogate families. We celebrate holidays, birthdays and mundane moments of life together. I have always felt that it is not chance that certain people have come into my life, they are here for a higher purpose I will probably never understand, nor am I meant to. I am just grateful to have such good friends to fill the void of missing our families on the holidays. We are blessed.

Here are some photos from this weekend.

Happy Easter.

Love & Light,


An Easter hunt at our good friend Whitney's house.


The hunt for eggs.

Nolan's buddy, Johnny.

Nolan and Johnny.

Johnny's little bro, Matthew. I took a zillion photos of him. He is SO cute.

Just the beginning of a sugar filled weekend.

Cole, Tae and Ned play basketball.

Our friends, Avery and Peyton, at the Easter parade.

Corn dog and a balloon, the epitome of fun.

The parade.

Nolan loves a hug.

A perfect day for a parade.

The hunt. I love this photo. Can you see the purple egg?

Looking for eggs.

That Easter bunny is tricky (as Nolan says).

This nest is right on our mailbox, I just discovered it today!

I cannot wait to see what surprises we will find in this nest in a few weeks!

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