Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Great Wolf

We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA for a few days while Brian had a conference. This is our third year going. Each year gets a little easier than the last. This year was a perfect age for Cole. Nolan would have parked himself in the hot tub the entire time (such his mother's child). If I did not have an excited 6 year old begging me to climb five flights of stairs (in a bathing suit) carrying an inner-tube only to be shot down a dark waterhole a 100 miles an hour, I would have sat in the hot tub as well. But who cannot help but to laugh on a water slide? And we laughed a lot!

Love & Light,


The view from above.

Two magic wands = $$$. The look on their faces to find hidden treasures = worth it.

I would have more photos of Cole but he was too fast to capture on camera. This scavenger hunt had him running everywhere (and me carrying a cranky 3 year old behind him).

The view from our balcony. Just cool.

And a few fun shot from the park.


Our Easter Tree

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