Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self Talk

I was listening to the book on tape (or I guess it is called a book on cd now) called the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It is one of those books that you cannot just pick up and read easily, you almost have to digest it in small doses. Like when you are folding laundry and you are attempting to drown out whatever ESPN event is broadcasting downstairs to your house full of little men.

Tolle speaks about an event that happened when he was in college. There was a woman on the bus that no one would sit next to as she was presenting as slightly insane. She was speaking out loudly to herself, yelling obscenities at someone who was not there. So one day he followed her off the bus and to his surprise she went into the college where he was attending. He began to wonder about her, if she was a student, a teacher? She got onto an elevator before he could catch up with her and he decided to stop in the bathroom. As he was in the bathroom, he says, "I am so glad I am not like her," and he realized he said it out loud for the man standing next to him to hear. Then he looked at himself in the mirror and had this grande realization that he WAS like that woman, we are all like her. We just do not speak our thoughts out loud. And where this woman's thoughts were rooted in anger, his were in anxiety.

This story really made me think. What if I was to go around and speak my mind out loud? People would be very leery of me and my mental health. What really makes me that different from the woman he spoke of on the bus? Merely the fact that my thoughts stay in my head and hers she speaks freely to the world?  Tolle said we are all like this woman, it is just a matter of degree. When I am alone I occasionally say things out loud to myself and I am surprised at the demeanor, the tone; the way in which I am judgmental toward myself or others, or just general anxieties about insignificant things.

Tolle says to be aware of the thoughts that are there but know they do not define who you are. I am not my thoughts. Whew... this is a lot to digest just from the first chapter.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Love & Light,


This squirrel stole an apple and climbed to the top of a tree with it.

Kiddie Sumo Wrestling. It was GREAT entertainment.

Getting ready to rumble!

Just one of the many reasons I love my hubby.


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