Monday, March 19, 2012

Coming Up For Air

I remember a time a few years ago that I could not find any shoes for the boys. It was in the middle of winter, Nolan was a baby and Cole maybe 2 years old. Cole was late for his once a week 3 hour Moms Free Morning day, which meant that every minute that ticked by was one less minute I had for myself to just sit in a quiet house. I called my neighbor Laura. I screamed, "I cannot find shoes." She jogged over. She held my fussy newborn with one arm and helped me to dig through the shoe bin for the missing shoes. The whole living room floor lay holding mountains of sneakers and boots, flip flops and heels with seemingly no matches. We found a pair (a size too big) that would still work for Cole and she helped me get them on him. I took Cole to school while Laura stayed with Nolan. She never questioned my insanity or my mental break down over the inability to find a matching pair of footwear.

Today I phoned my other good friend and neighbor, Tasha, right around dinner time. This is the worse time of day for a stay at home mother, the clock ticking loudly until the countdown of  the witching hour begins. "Can you come get my boys?" I ask.  She is there within seconds, scoops up the boys on their bikes and takes them to her house for dinner. No questions asked. She also is raising two girls the same age without her extended family in the area. So it is just us, with our kids, all the time, with very few breaks. I knew I had to call her after a long outdoor play date, the boys had knocked over my indoor plants and started shooting me in the head with the nerf guns. I felt like Super  Nanny would charge into my house at any second, scolding me for various accounts of poor parenting decisions.  I knew I had to reach out to a friend for a quick rescue.

These are the best kind of friends. They just get it. They need no explanation for your insanity, they live it too. As my friend Tasha said, "At least you had pants on when you brought the boys out." That was a serious bonus. This is just to reiterate that parenting is tough. Whether you work full time, part time or stay at home. There are days when I lose sight of who I am because I become too enmeshed with being "mom".

I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few of those pleading phone calls, when a friend is also having a tough day. I am happy to scoop up her kids and give her some time to be alone, in her house, by herself, with NO ONE asking her for anything. I ask no questions. I just give her space to find her balance again. That is all what we as mothers need and often feel too unjustified in asking. We just want to find our balance in the momentary loss of direction.

Thanks to the friends that help me out by taking my kids (including my sister who dares to answer her phone when I call) sharing their stories of parenting struggles to reinforce this not me going crazy, this is you just needing a breather...  Everybody needs a breather.

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from the Coordinators 2, inc. Family dinner. Check out their website. A great bunch of ladies with big hearts and import missions work there.

Love this cutie pie.

Mother and Son.

Love this big family. These kids had great personalities.

A cute Mama and her sweet son.

This family is straight out of a magazine. So handsome and beautiful and just a true sense of family about them.

I love photographing mother and daughter shoes. I just feel like it tells a story.

These boys sang and actually have a band. They were amazing to listen to.

The girls loved making masks.

One of my favorites.

And I love this Mom and her daughter. There is a natural beauty about them that the camera seems to be drawn to.

And the candid shots, always the best.

And the behind the scenes. Sharon (the woman holding the masks) is one of the masterminds behind the passion that drives Coordinators 2 inc.

And Jennifer, another dedicated social worker who played a huge role in getting the dinner together. Great job ladies!!


  1. I love this, just breathe. Wish I was there to scoop up the boys!

  2. this is such a beautiful post.