Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Board. Beam.

I continue to take a weekly adult gymnastics class. There is a grace about gymnastics that I am starting to understand a little more with each handstand and backflip over the barrel. Today I was running and jumping with two feet onto a spring board and landing on a balance beam. Last week I feared that jump and ran into the beam at least a dozen times before I finally got over the fear and landed it. Today my coach said, "Stacy, you are over thinking it. Board. Beam. That is it." I went back for the last run, "Board. Beam. Board. Beam. Board. Beam." I whispered. I ran. I jumped. I landed on the beam.

Good God, how many things do I over think? Could I possibly just say to the boys, "Pajamas. Bed. Pajamas. Bed," and have it be that easy? Or "Bills. Paid. Bills. Paid." Wow, the possibilities are endless. What other things could I make easier in my life if I just simplified how I approached the process?

Love & Light,


Here are some goofy photos from today.

Captain Rex on duty.

I have the song "Bad to the Bone," playing in my head as they walk.

I wear my sunglasses at  night...


What we do on 75 degree days...


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  1. I am still super impressed with your courage to do gymnastics!!