Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines and Cake Ingredients

So much has happened over the past few days that I have had a thousand grande ideas about what to write. Then I finally sit down to a cup of tea, pull up my blog to write and I stare at the blank screen, nothing. Isn't this so true? Great ideas always come to me while I am on the elliptical or running, or at a stoplight in the car, or laying in bed too tired to grab a pen. But when I sit down to process and explore those ideas, they are gone. And I am left feeling, well, quite mindless staring at a blank screen.

I barely recall my intentions about writing something inspirational on Valentine's Day. About how I love to help the boys choose and sign a card for each of their friends and how I still even at 36 years old, get excited about dumping out the Valentine bag, digging through the treats and reading all the little cards (I confess to stealing the good chocolate out of Nolan's bag). Each year I make Brian a card with a favorite quote and photo and write something sweet and sappy on the inside. And I can always count on a silly card from him with something like a cartoon squirrel on it hinting at something sexually inappropriate. Men...

My girlfriend Whitney and I have been working endless hours on a school photo shoot we just completed. I told her I would write a post on the process we go through from photographing to editing to uploading one photo. I think when people don't understand an art, they tend to not realize the work that goes into it. For example, my girlfriend Cathy makes amazing cakes and baked goods, but when she posted on her website the process and the detail of the work she does to create her cakes, it gave me a whole new appreciation. It is kind of like the question I get asked often as to what kind of camera I have. I used to ask my photographer friends the same question, not realizing it is slightly offensive. Because it really is not the camera that takes a good photograph. Just like it is not the kind of oven or ingredients you use that makes a good cake. It is the time, the passion and the love you put into your work. A great camera and top of the line baking ingredients may help but they play a small role in the finished product.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day, whether shared with a sweetheart or friends, with your kids or solo on the couch drinking red wine. It is all good.

Love & Light,


A very random, thunder snow storm. It lasted all of 5 minutes. And then gone. I was kind of disappointed.

I love a good Valentine's party.

And little girls with Valentine's hair clips...

And balloon basketball.

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