Friday, February 17, 2012

Rekindling the Romance

I have fallen back in love...with my house. We will have lived in this house for 11 years in May. And now that we  have no need for bulky baby swings and sticky, plastic highchairs, it was on my New Year's resolution list to bring some new energy into our home. Change things up a bit. So, with help from a few of my more visionary interior design friends, we changed our whole downstairs.

I could not picture it at first and until we made the jump and sold all of our furniture on craigslist, I started to see it coming together. The final touches were added yesterday with plantation shutters on the front and back windows. No more bed sheets hung on the window frames. I am in love, completely in love. Brian, who was originally questioning my sanity when I literally sold all of our furniture in one weekend, has agreed. He likes it too. We now have a couch that all four of us can sit on together, and a dining room table that we can eat family dinners and do homework and art projects.

Brian made benches for our dining room table and I painted them. I am not a crafty person but I could not be more proud of these benches. I want to pin them on Pinterest and write a tutorial on how we made them. I have added lots of plants, I had canvas prints made of my favorite photos and I created a work space that is all my own. I could not be more excited. A friend of mine who recently visited told me that she thought this was totally me. She said I was able to take my vision to create a peaceful space with a pinch of New Age funk and make it work. I have been trying to explain to my family what I was doing so I thought I would share a few photos below. Happy Friday.

Love & Light,


The dining room.

The canvas prints of my photos. I love them. They each are a favorite place of mine and Brian's. My grandfather made the clock and the books are antiques from my Bobcie. The vase from my good childhood friend Holly and the round stone from Laura.

The reading corner. This is a door behind it that I loved and thought added to the room.

I am SO proud of these. Brian made them. It cost him $18 to make both benches. I sanded and painted. First coat was a creme primer, second the blue and third a chocolate glaze. I sanded in between each coat so some of the natural wood would show through.

This is called refurbished wood. It has all different shades of color in it. Blues, whites, natural dark and light wood.

The family room. I made the boys pick up first. Believe me, it never looks like this.

I am "shutterly" in love with my shutters!! I can close the top or bottom separately.

Even as I go to post this I feel my excitement over my new decor a bit too "Martha Stewart-y". However I think it is good to channel your inner Martha every 11 years or so.


  1. Very cool Stacy. I love the new look; updated but with some cool accents. Way to go Martha!

  2. It looks beautiful; but, honestly, I think you need some crayon marks and stickers for that final touch.

  3. Oh Stacy I love it!!! What an amazing change! Can't wait to see it in real life:)

  4. Come visit soon!! We miss you!!