Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nice Girls Do Finish Last

I recently started running every Saturday morning with a YMCA training team in preparation for the Monument Ave 10K in March. Today's run was five miles. I can't recall the last time I ran five miles. I was feeling a bit cocky from my four mile run last week in the middle range group so I decided to start this run with the fast group. Ah yes, everything happens for a reason and when that predominately early twenties group of men took off in an all out sprint I felt a surge of fear knowing immediately I chose the wrong group.

After the panic dissipated a bit and as long as I could still see a few of the runners in my peripheral vision I experienced some grand insight. Yes, it is a nice feeling to be at the head of the pack or to even be cruising comfortably along unnoticed in the middle, but when you are dead last in your group, that is the ultimate motivator.  I pushed myself harder to pick up and maintain my pace. I stopped questioning my ability and instead found a sense of pride in being one of only two female runners in this small group and brave enough to start with the prepubescent track stars.

Despite a few waves of nausea, I finished five miles in forty-one minutes. I never run that fast. I took an average of a minute and a half off my usual mile pace and I even caught a few of the runners at the end.

So the moral of my story is two-fold. Sometimes you need to break out of your comfort zone to realize that your potential is often far beyond what you believe it to be. And  finishing last or bringing up the rear offers a perspective that everyone needs to experience. It is such a mental game to force yourself out of the self destructive talk about "how bad you suck" and "how you really aren't a runner" to transform it into fuel to motivate your body to work harder and when you are working hard you can't entertain the negative self talk, you don't have the energy to  do it. And before you know it the race if over and you did good, you surprised yourself, you feel proud finishing last in the fast group.

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Cole and I are making his Valentines. SO much fun! Cut up a few crayons, put in silicone baking cups, 250 degrees for 8 minutes.

After crayons come out of oven pop into the freezer for a few minutes and pop out of mold.

The final product.. SO cool! We are addicted to making these. Easy and fun!

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  1. Wow; those valentines are the coolest I have ever seen. Very clever Stacy.