Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Birds and Giant Hawks

Whitney and I did our first official Little Birds School Photography photo shoot at Derbyshire Moms Free Morning all this week. I have a whole new appreciation for mothers who work outside of the home. I had to get up earlier to have lunches packed, dress myself and my kids, and pack all of our bags. After the photo shoot there was not a moment to spare before the kids needed attention, dinner needed to be made, baths and showers and squeezing in some one on one time. In the spare moments I was loading and editing photos, returning a few phone calls and e-mails to friends and family who thought I fell off the face of the earth and just finding small moments to breathe. Brian also had the flu which just added another element of stress to the equation.

The good news, I loved the photo shoot. It was so much fun!  The kids were adorable and Whitney and I just felt like this was our niche. And the photographs... I cannot wait to receive some the parent consents to post a few photos because these kids were so stinking cute! I felt completely in my zone.... The bad news, my house is a disaster, the kids have been eating cereal for dinner the past two nights and I had to hand wash and dry a few pair of underwear because I ran out of time to do laundry due to the fact that I passed out on the couch at 8 pm with my computer in my arms editing photos. My sister has three boys and is a teacher. I ask her at least once a week how she does it. She says she stayed at home with her oldest boys for the first two years and she would much rather work than stay at home, because being a stay at home mom is such a hard job. I like when she tells me this, it makes me feel validated for my work but seriously, a working mom has it just as tough. It is all about balance I suppose. No matter if you work outside or inside the home, it is finding balance. And if any of you have found the secret to that balance please write me the prescription for it, I will pay anything.

Here are some photos from what I have been up to.

Love & Light,


Our indoor "studio".

Whit working the shot.

We received consent from this little boy's mom to post his photos. And Whitney and I were in LOVE with this boy. His photos are straight out of a catalog. He reminded me of the little boy from Jerry McGuire.


Then I pulled in my driveway to see this. For those of you who know me, hawk is one of my totems. She always appears when I need to remember to breathe. And this is a GIANT hawk. Which must translate into me needing to take a GIANT deep breath.

And maybe this means I need to spend more time with my mate after he recovers from the flu.

When I was walking toward the female hawk, it cried to the male hawk and within seconds the male appeared and sat right next to her as if they were protecting each other.

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  1. Great photos Stacy. The children are adorable and the hawk pictures are superb.
    Get some rest ! Yes, Working at home or away is tough for Mom's. Some things go by the way side, like laundry, Hah!