Monday, February 27, 2012

A Toy's Story

I am getting together some boxes of toys and other items to sell at a local children's consignment sale. When I started sorting through the toy box I found myself a bit more attached to items than I thought I would be. It feels as though each toy is representative of different stages of the boys' lives. Certain "guys" they collected and played endless hours with, the infamous Go Go Crazy Bones that we spent half of Cole's college tuition collecting, Nolan's Arthur books that we read over and over for two years until one day he was just over Arthur and onto a new favorite character. I think when the boys no longer want to dress up in Star Wars outfits and dual with the lightsabers, I will probably break down and cry.

This nostalgic attachment is the reason why I have a box of all my dolls up in my attic. I cannot let go of that part of my childhood and the good memories those dolls awaken when I see their sweet plastic faces and touch their braided yarn hair. However, there is the more rational part of myself that knows giving the dolls to little girls who will push them around in strollers and play "house" with their babies is the best place for them to be. Does that mean I am ready to let them go? Not yet. I can still smell childhood in their hair and I find a strange sort of comfort in knowing they are not too far away.

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Here are some photos from the past few days.

Digging for worms.

Nolan and Macky are fishing.

The kids are fascinated watching Cole play the DS.

Good buddies Mishka & Callie.

A room with a view.

Alone time.

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