Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skittle Power

I am going to confess something because I find when you are honest other people either breathe a deep sigh of relief because they also are guilty of the same parental sin or if they are not we probably won't be having many play dates together.

I bribe my children with Skittles, yes those little rainbow candies that cause mouthfuls of cavities and temper tantruming sugar highs. I carry them in my wallet, my jacket pocket, my car, cupboards and drawers. The power of ONE Skittle is so strong I can (1) Get Nolan to go pee on the potty (2) Get the boys in the car to go somewhere (3) Stop fighting, screaming, wrestling in Target and pretty much cease any bad behaviors until we are at least out of the public eye. Yes, Super Nanny would say I am rewarding them for negative behavior, the pediatric dentist would probably lecture me (again) on the bad habits I have allowed to continue and when I can not get them to go to bed I only have myself and those little rainbows of sugar to blame. But there are times when instead of LONG toilet battles, chasing a 3 year old up and down the grocery store isles and yelling for my kids to get in the car NOW... I save all that frustration with, "Hey boys, if you get in the car you get a Skittle," or "Nolan if you pee on the potty you get a Skittle," or "Boys if you stop rolling around the floor of isle 8 while I am deciding what cereal to buy I will give you a Skittle." And they jump up and do what I ask. It is empowering. I have Skittle powers.

Is this the best parenting style? No. And as a previous Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I would have scoffed at this behavior and agreed this parent needed to come up with something more effective than bribery. THEN, I became a mother and I realized that on most days the power of a Skittle is often so worth the reward of my sanity.

Love & Light,


Nolan and I made a healthy snack.

He only ate a few. (Wink, wink)


Elena and I had a "girls only" few hours together while the boys watched football. I did her hair, nails and even a little make up. She looked STUNNING!! I love one on one time with a little girl, it was so refreshing and sweet.

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  1. This is genius!!! :) I feel like my resolution to raise my voice less may now actually have a chance! Lol.