Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not a Box

I picked up two dining room chairs from the furniture store a few days ago. The chairs were packaged inside a giant cardboard box. After removing the chairs I was about to dissemble the box to recycle when I thought I would leave it for the boys to play in for a few hours. Well, hours have turned into days and that cardboard box has been transformed into their house, bus, rocket ship, shooting gallery, restaurant and sleeping quarters. I am always amazed and slightly humbled when in a world that seems to be dominated by wii games and ipad apps, that a cardboard box still holds the power to captivate imagination in children. I am not sure if I can get away with various sizes of cardboard boxes for Christmas presents or giving them as birthday gifts, but they are indeed a must have toy of the year for children of all ages. And cardboard decorated in a rainbow of markers and Star Wars stickers, dented from Nerf gun bullets, withered and worn from weeks of play is truly the best way to recycle.

Love & Light,


My Aunt Janice sent this book for the boys years ago. We love it. I thought it was appropriate for this photo.

And here are some photos from a photo shoot Whitney and I did just playing around with our kids and a friend. She is really the visionary behind staging the photos with the signs and background. But they are probably some of my favorite photos (I think I say this a lot!)


Harry and Nolan

My boys.


Getting tired of posing...


And my favorite... Cole and Tae.

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