Monday, January 9, 2012

Important Documents

I have a folder that is hidden upstairs in my bedroom entitled "Important Documents". It would be one of the things I would try and grab if there were ever a fire, after my kids, hubby and camera were safely outside. I open it once or twice a year to rummage through. It does contain a few of those documents that you would consider important, like our marriage license, the boy's birth certificates and passports.

But the most important documents in that folder are these. A drawing my sister made me when I was in high school of Calvin and Hobbes along with the lyrics to Stand By Me. A postcard from my dad on my 20th birthday of Bridal Falls, an amazing hike we managed to accomplish on our trip out West when I was in middle school. A story my mom wrote when I was elected to the homecoming court as she recalled how as a little girl I would stand down at the bottom of our hill and watch the marching bands go by as they practiced for the homecoming game. The adoption papers that my sister, best childhood friend Holly and I created for our cabbage patch dolls and random letters I have kept from friends that have inspired me and encouraged me to be the person they seemed to think I was. I have little notes Brian has left me over the years. Silly ones that make me smile. These are my important documents. These are the documents that cannot be reordered if lost or replaced with a newer version.

What are your important documents?

Love & Light,


Here are some photos from yesterday. This photo below just shouts trouble.

I love the way the sun was reflecting through the windows.

Walking the plank.

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  1. Funny...the pics reminded me of that black and white set of shots when we took ALL of our stuffed animals downstairs and had a tea party....we looked so prim and proper. and then there' s what boys do with them! Hey, I've got something for your file.... The pew card Cheyne took notes on so he wouldn't forget his responsibilities at your wedding.... Cute. One of my keepers is a Note from Cheyne in 7 th grade health class asking for a birthday kiss.... Check yes or no!