Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eyes WIDE Open

Some of my favorite photos from when I was little are shots with wide angle lenses. Photographs that spanned from one corner of the room to the other so I could see what was lying on the ground to what picture was hanging on the wall. I love these shots because I can vividly recall that awful green carpet or the red checkered blanket. I can see the book laying in the corner that I remember reading at bed time or the rain boots by the door that I wore religiously for a whole summer. Wide angle photos capture more of the moment. They illicit nostalgic segments of time that you think when you take the photo you will always remember but seem to forget sooner than you can believe.

Here are some fun wide angle shots from the past few days.

Love & Light,


Walking to the playground

Daddy makes Jiffy Pop. I love these series of shots.

Notice how the wide angle just seems to capture more of what our world looks like?

Waiting for the Jiffy Pop...

Will the boys remember this floor?

The excitement of popped corn! Oh how grande to be young again!

Ghosts in our house...

Ghosts with Nerf Guns

Will the boys remember the bean bag or the blanket when they see these photos 20 years from now?

Love this shot!!

They may not remember walking this road on this particular day, but they will know the bond they have with one another.

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  1. I love these photos and I love your family! Miss you!