Monday, January 16, 2012

Climb Every Mountain

We went to a birthday party this weekend. It was not a birthday party that you feel obligated to attend, but a birthday that you share in celebration. It is always special attending parties of the friends of your child that you have known since they were babies, before they could walk or speak their minds. Before their personalities blossomed, when they were still breastfeeding and the mothers' conversations were about sleeping through the night and introducing solid foods. We watched play dates turn from side by side play with blocks, to racing fire trucks to tackle football. I think you can tell a lot about your child by the friends they choose. And so far, I have been completely blessed because Cole chooses great boys as companions. But even more amazing are their mamas. It is serendipitous they have come into my life.

Happy 6th birthday Miles.

Love & Light,


The boys get their rock climbing instructions.

Cole climbed to the top twice!

Nolan cheers him on.

Both boys climb the wall.

An example of how my girlfriend Amanda spoils my kids. She lights a candle for Nolan and sings to him. TOTALLY made his day!

Amanda says she cannot say no to Nolan. If Nolan would request candy, toys or a kidney, she could not turn him down. And he knows how to get his way with her!

It was NOT his birthday!

I love this photo, we were photographing each other. She will probably be mad I posted this but she is almost 20 weeks pregnant in this photo.... Seriously!! We are crossing our fingers for a girl.

Miles turns 6.


Miles' little bro, Owen.

Happy Birthday kiddo.

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