Monday, January 30, 2012

A Skate to Remember

We went to a roller skating party on Sunday. I walked into the rink and felt an instantaneous flashback to sixth grade. I had an intrinsic need to pinch roll my jeans and tie my hair up in a rainbow scrunchied ponytail. I laced up my skates and after helping the boys, I stood up and was a bit surprised about how off balance I felt. Growing up we had this LONG paved driveway that wrapped around to the back of our house. It was perfect for cruising in my white and pink Barbie skates. I learned to be a decent skater on that driveway and vividly recall the smell of the elementary school gym where all the skating parties were held. Since Brian and I grew up together he remembers them too.

"I wonder if we skated together?" I asked Brian.

"I was too cool to go to all those skating parties. I hung out in front of the building."

"Uh... smoking cigarettes and pretending to be cool?" I asked.

"You wished you were as cool as me," he smirks.

I decided to be the bigger person and not bring up the perm he got in 7th grade or his stone washed jeans that matched his stone washed jean jacket.

After I took the boys around a few times on their skates, they were about finished. I however, was just getting started. And when that D.J. played Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leopard, I about pushed all those 7 year old kids out of my way to get to the rink. I even enticed Brian onto the floor. He grabbed my back pockets in my jeans and flung me across the floor, still trying to be cool. I stepped into my 7 year old self and did crossovers, backward skating, inward and outward circles, and spirals. I felt elated and a freedom that we seem to forget as we age but so easily can be relived strapping on a pair of skates and turning on some 80's tunes.

Love & Light,


Another one of Cathy's amazing creations.

Happy Birthday Avery and Peyton!!

A few cute shots of Cole and Mishka (top) and Nolan and Cali (bottom).


  1. OMG I was just remembering roller skating the other day:) How fun! I would love to see Bri in his stone washed get up:)

  2. Thank you, Stac, for documenting this day!! And for putting into words the giddy sensation I also get when on skates! SO glad you could all be there to share this day with us!