Monday, December 19, 2011

Viva Solitude

Did I mention Brian went to Vegas for a few days with his dad? They ran into Elvis while walking to and from casinos.

Brian said Vegas was everything I would not like about a vacation. Bright lights, loud people, smoking and gambling. I agree, Vegas is not for me. I would rather drop $500 on a new pair of shoes than try my luck at any slot machine. However, because Brian went to Vegas he said I am promised a trip on my own in 2012. Is it strange that my idea of a good time would be a silent retreat where I am totally by myself? I dream of a cabin to myself, where the only person asking me for anything would be the check-in lady and that is if I would like a fresh set of towels. Oh a girl can dream...

Until then my life is full of football, tackling and loud boys.

Love & Light,


Nolan's Concert

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