Friday, December 30, 2011

The Outtakes

An outtake is defined as a scene that is filmed but not used in the final editing of the film. I always felt the most memorable times of my life are the outtakes. The laughter between friends, the 2 am breastfeeding with my baby when the house is pitch dark and silent, the sound of grandmother's voice as she recites her favorite poem, holding my boys small, soft hands as we cross the street. These are the pictures between the pictures. The moments that when you add them all up creates one large portrait of your life.

Here are some outtakes that make me smile.

Love & Light,


Mere and Nolan

The tent Uncle Chris made.

Aunt Jane's antipasta. This is Brian's FAVORITE! It is so pretty how could you not photograph it?

I love this photo of my mom, my grandma and my aunt. But I love the outtakes below even more. We were laughing at Brian obnoxiously taking photos.

The jump.

Watching the kid's faces as they hit the jump was the best.

I could hold this photo in my head forever. I just loved seeing how happy they were.

Another outtake moment. Nerf guns turn grown men to kids again.

Another outtake I love.

My favorite shot of the whole trip. Totally unedited. This is exactly what it looked like!

Just taking it all in....

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  1. We LOVED seeing all of the pictures from Christmas, especially Mere. But even more importantly, we loved spending the holiday with all of you. Your family made it so special for all of us.