Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Riding the Crazy Train

The boys have only been out of school for 3 days... It feels like 30. I have been trying to keep the television off and have the boys fill their time with entertaining themselves. This always backfires because 10 minutes of play turns into football in the house which turns into wrestling and then into screaming. I intervene to stop the insanity and five minutes later I am hearing screams because somebody fell off (or was pushed off) of something. Before I know it I am shouting, "Let's watch a movie!"

Cole is at this age that he likes to mimic me because he thinks it is funny. There is NOTHING more annoying than having your words repeated back to you in a 6 year old tone. And there are times when I just let Nolan go at him because I figure he has had enough of Cole in his face all day. I attempt to get out of the house, I do. We did the Children's museum, trampoline, playgrounds and the Christmas light tour (twice). However I had a few last minute gifts to get today and I had to make a coffeemate run because I have been without it for 4 days.This meant I had to enter a store, with BOTH boys. I chant mantras to myself that we make it through without breaking anything or me carrying out a screaming child.

I really am making my boys sound more out of control than they really are. It just seems lately we have all been riding the crazy train. I am looking forward to driving this train to Grandma and Grandpa's house in New York and letting the boys run wild in their big, open, snowy fields. My in-laws welcome the chaos. They did raise three boys after all...they have no fear. So I am packing up our caboose and getting ready to depart. There is no better Christmas than a New York Christmas!

Love and Light,


Our tree.

A bit blurry above (too low of a shutter speed) but still cute.

I wish my photos could even do this place a bit of justice. It is unreal.I wanted to set up my tripod and shoot but this place was SO crazy and chaotic I could not do it.

In awe.

This is a village at my neighbor's house. She invited us over to see. You can imagine my nervous state with the boys around so many breakable items with a train (that Cole was running) that if it goes too fast, will take out half the table.

Just really neat.

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  1. Your tree is beautiful. Love the village and train, too. We take the girls to the local motorcycle shop that sets up a roomful of trains. Merry Christmas to all.