Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pack it Up

Hello, my name is Stacy and I am a pack-a-holic. My last over packing episode was.... this morning. I know I over pack. Every trip I promise to improve. Maybe one less shirt, one less pair of shoes. Half the clothes and shoes I bring I never even wear! Do I really need 2 hair brushes and 9 pair of underwear for a 5 day stay? Then my alternate self intervenes and whispers, "But you may need it..." and I shake my head, "yes, I may need it." Then the overpacking ensues. Every trip I carry down this gigantic suit case and Brian just shakes his head and mumbles something inaudible.

I suppose if I have an addiction, overpacking is on the lower end of the continuum of concern. It is not like I am packing fire arms or bottles of vodka. It could be far worse! So maybe I will let myself off the hook and just view it as a charming character flaw.

Here are some photos from today. You would never guess it was the second day of Winter!

Love & Light,


Whitney and I celebrated the season with a beer, our cameras and letting our kids get muddy and run wild. It was a perfect day spent with good friends!

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  1. Are you sure there's no vodka in those bags ;)? Merry Christmas sista!!! Have a safe & fun trip to NY! Love you!!