Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Nolan

Ever since Nolan started school in the fall, his teachers gush over him. They tell me how sweet he is, how they fight over who gets to bring him to the car in the carpool lane, they tell me what a good boy he is. This is Dr. Jekyll. Then they give him a hug, put  him in the car and close the door. As SOON as that door shuts, he pops out of his car seat, refuses to get buckled and screams at me DO NOT look in his backpack. Then he proceeds to tell me not to ask him ANY questions about school and if I DARE sing or slightly hum a Christmas tune much less turn the radio on, I am told "STOP SINGING MOM,", followed by temper tantruming screams. This grumpy behavior waves in and out throughout the rest of the day. I am not quite sure who I will have after nap, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Nolan? There are days I have to lock myself in the bathroom to hide a few minutes from Mr. Nolan as simply ignoring him just is not working. My sister warned me the first time around with Cole that age three is FAR worse than any terrible two day. I concur.

So while I have two hours to myself I will be blasting Jingle Bells and singing loudly.

Love & Light,


Oh Santa, don't let him fool you!

Cole doing homework.

SOOO much work!

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